We engage in the contracting of different construction projects. Delivering quality and competitive prices.

The ISMG group has  invested in a state of the art plant for the production of ready mix concrete to feed the rapidly growing demand of quality concrete in the construction industry.

Our plant located only 15 KM from the city center provides the industry with high quality well graded ballast and sand

Fabrication of aluminum and PVC casement windows and doors

ISMG has set up a number of building brick,cobble stones and paving blocks manufacturing plans to supply the local markets in east and west Africa with branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, Mogadishu and Nigeria

We have set up a furniture work shop and with rampant construction in Somalia the need to also produce quality household and office furniture

Our general hardware stocks machinery and equipment for construction we also meagerly undertake the production of aluminium and PVC doors and windows for different projects within Somalia

ISMG invested in its first real estate venture in the heart of Mogadishu city the building is to be used as a mall and shopping center with The 11,800 sqm available for rent

A fleet of armored vehicle for hire for those wishing to travel around Somalia safely and comfortable

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